All The Ties


Now, i know i have said before this isn't a history lesson, but i'd like to add some context. Neckties are almost as old as suits if we're comparing dates (think George Bryan Brummell), so it you'd think people would take great care when choosing a necktie, after all they go hand-in-hand with a suit right? Wrong. 

As I've said before, neckties; and indeed accessories for suits, seem to be an afterthought. But let me ask you this... why spend £100s on a suit if you're just going to accessorise with that old tatty tie Dave at the office always laughs at? It doesn't make sense right? Lets face it, if you're going to go through the effort of spending your hard earned wonga on a new crisp suit it makes sense to add a little bit to the kitty and finish the suit off with a new slick necktie.

Now the world of neckties can be pretty complicated, i mean... what style do you go for? Paisley? Floral? Striped? Checkered? The list is endless, and needless to say, pretty complicated if you know nothing about fashion and neckties. Each can add a certain 'va va voom' to your look. Personally, i love a Paisley style tie... granted it does depend on the person and more importantly, the suit and the occasion. However, there is one simple rule of neckties; never (and i mean never) wear a necktie that has colours that contradict your shirt or undermines your entire outfit. If you're still unsure on what style to go for hit the contact button at the bottom and i'll offer you my advice. 

Moving on, theres the question of what material to go for, Silk? Linen? Wool? Cotton? Now this doesn't matter too much, and material choice is usually preference, but still you'd like to know what you're getting right? The majority of these are durable and can be worn for any occasion, but wool is usually associated with the winter.

Then we move onto how to wear them and knot them (luckily for you have another blog post that has useful diagrams for this). A knot is subtle but can say a lot about a person, it can make you look like the king of dapper town... or make you look like you have't got a clue on how to wear a necktie.  

Bow Ties 

Now this won't take too long (i promise) as i have another blog on 'wooden bow ties' (i know... wooden right?). Traditionally, bow ties have been worn at the most formal of formal events, with only the slickest and sharpest of individuals present. However, they have been increasingly considered an alternative to a necktie.

This new found fondest for the bow tie is perhaps down to the complexities of the necktie i previously explained... i mean you can buy the already tied or with a clip-on (and no one will be the wiser). Bow ties also come in various styles and can match any suit. But be warned, the same rule applies to bow ties that applies to neckties!


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