How To Tie A Bow Tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie
  1. Start with the bow tie draped around your neck with the seams facing down and the right side longer than the left.
  2. Place the right end over the left end, making an X-shape just below the chin.
  3. Loop the longer end behind the ‘X’ to create a simple knot similar to the first knot while tying shoelaces. Pull tight and leave the longer end resting on your shoulder.
  4. Placing your index finger on the widest part of the curve of the shorter end, fold it to create a bow shape. Place the folded tip across your collar with the shorter end as close to your neck as possible.
  5. Holding the bow created above with the forefinger and thumb of your left hand, bring the longer end straight down over the shorter end in the middle of the bow.
  6. Using your right hand, fold the longer end back towards the chest, pinch the fold and double the tip over to make a wing.
  7. Tuck the folded tip of the longer end behind the folded tip of the shorter end and through the small loop you formed when you first passed it up behind the knot.
  8. With the wings in place, tug the loops behind them to tighten the vertical front knot.
  9. Hold the front of the knot down with one finger, and wriggle the wings until they're symmetrical.
  10. Make final adjustments. Ensure your bow tie lies flat and horizontal against your collarbone. You're done! Now you know how to tie a tie AND how to tie a bow tie.

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