How To Tie A Nicky Knot

How To Tie a Nicky Knot


  1. Drape the necktie around your collar with the seam outward and the thick end on your left, about two inches lower than you want the finished position.
  2. Cross the thick end underneath the thin end, making an X-shape below your chin.
  3. Flip the thick end up in front of the loop around your collar, then tuck it down through the loop, emerging to the left of the thin end.
  4. Bring the tip of the thick end horizontally across the front of the knot. Slip a finger underneath the horizontal band you’ve just created across the front of the knot.
  5. Bring the tip of the thick end up and underneath the loop around your collar.
  6. Tuck the tip of the thick end down through the horizontal loop you created in Step 4.
  7. Pull the thick end all the way through the horizontal loop and snug it down.
  8. Adjust the knot as needed by holding it with one hand and pulling on the narrow end of the tie with the other.

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