How To Tie A Plattsburgh Knot

How To Tie APlattsburgh Knot


  1. Drape the necktie around your collar with the seam exposed and the thick end on your left, 4-5 inches lower than the desired finishing position.
  2. Cross the thick end of the tie underneath the narrow end to form an X. Hold on to that X and flip the tip of the thick end upward over the front of the loop around your collar.
  3. Tuck the thick end through the loop and bring it back toward your left side.
  4. Point the thick end upward.
  5. Bring the thick end back up in front of the loop – still staying to the left of the narrow end.
  6. Tuck the thick end down through the loop, emerging on your right.
  7. Bring the thick end horizontally across the front of the knot from right to left. Slip a finger under the horizontal band you just created.
  8. Tuck the thick end up through the loop around your collar from behind.
  9. Feed the thick end down through the horizontal band and snug it down firmly.
  10. Tighten by holding the knot with one hand and pulling on the narrow end with the other. Adjust the edges so it looks symmetrical.

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