How To Tie Christensen Knot

How Toe Tie A Christensen Knot


  1. Drape the necktie around your collar with the thick end on the left. This end should be hanging a good four to six inches lower than the finished length you desire.
  2. Cross the thick end horizontally in front of the thin end from left to right.
  3. Bring the thick end around behind the thin end horizontally from right to left.
  4. Flip the thick end up in front of the loop around your collar.
  5. Tuck the thick end down behind the loop around your collar, emerging on the right side of the thin end.
  6. Bring the thick end in front across the earlier horizontal band and the diagonal you created in Step 5. Slip a finger under this new horizontal crossing.
  7. Bring the thick end around behind the knot from left to right.
  8. Bring the thick end across the front, right on top of the horizontal fold you made in Step 6. (Your finger should still be holding the fold open.) Keep both horizontal bands held slightly off the collar with a finger.
  9. Bring the thick end up underneath the loop around your collar.
  10. Tuck the thick end down behind both of the horizontal crossings and pull through.
  11. Pull the knot into place by holding the knot with one hand. Now tug gently on the thin end with the other. Use your finger to tease out the diagonal folds until the X shape of the knot is very clear.

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