Must-Have Accessories For Men

What is the definition of an impeccable attire? Visual harmony, beautiful cuts, clean lines & the right accessories? Any of these could create the perfect look. When creating the 'perfect' attire most of us would stop after purchasing a nice suit or suit and shirt. Unfortunately, this only results in becoming 'averagely dressed (ok perhaps a bit harsh). But the reality is that to achieve perfection the finer details need to be addressed too. This means that you accessories need to also be perfect too to achieve greatness.

Luckily, here are some must-have accessories that can help you:

  • Ties
  • Pocket-Squares
  • Tie Pins
  • Watches
  • Umbrellas
  • Braces

The Tie

The Necktie is the focal point of any suit. It creates a presence that is unmatched by any other accessory and can change the entire perception of your attire. Choosing the correct tie is not always easy & you should always have more than one! My rule of thumb is to have at least three ties to every one suit. I stick to this rule as a tie can essentially give the perception that you are wearing a completely different suit; not only that purchasing a tie is a lot more cost-effective than purchasing numerous suits. Moreover, there is no such thing as owning a tie that can go with any outfit. Silk is often the best choice when it comes to buisness or formal attire. Whereas wool or cotton ties are more suitable for causal occasions. The Bow Tie also has the same effect as a necktie and can be worn for any occasion; not just formal events. 

Matching Colours

When matching your tie to your suit colour, the best looks tend to come when your combinations are balanced. From the colour wheel below you want to match your suit colours on the opposite side, so blues and navy's work well with oranges and reds.


Pattern Matching

There is one main rule with patterns, and that is don't directly match your tie to your suit pattern in terms of the pattern itself, but more importantly the size of the pattern. For example if you have a houndstooth suit, choose a tie that has a smaller pattern such as polka dots, or a larger pattern.


The Pocket-Square

The Pocket-Square (otherwise known as a handkerchief) is an accessory that can speak volumes of the person wearing it. Most; if not all, suits have an option to wear a pocket-square. This essentially means that if you want to achieve perfection then you will need to have a pocket-square to do so. Moreover, not only does a pocket-square add the finishing touches to your attire, it also adds a pop of colour and elegance; especially if you decide to fold it in a extravagant manner.


The Tie Pins

Some might wonder if it’s indispensable even to have a tie pin. Well, aside from the obvious functional reasons, there is the aesthetic part that plays a significant role in creating a balanced outfit. In other words, apart from keeping the tie in place all day and helping you avoid food incidences (such as dipping the tie in the pasta sauce at lunch), the tie pin also makes a great fashion statement and can be useful in defining your style. The tie pin should be around 3/4 of your tie width. Although it is not a complete faux pas for it to be the width of your tie, we feel that if you have a tie pin the full width of your you are effectively cutting your tie in half and it ruins the vertical aesthetic of the tie. The tie pin should also be placed between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt and be visible. 

The Watch

Many of us may consider the watch a no longer functional gadget in the modern day world due to the popularity of the smartphone. However, it is precisely this reason that emphasises its importance when it comes to style.

Now we no longer need a timepiece in terms of practicality, it makes more sense to invest in quality and style. You don't need to necessarily invest in a top of the range watch, the key is to find a high-quality design you like and wear it.

A watch is a true reflection of a person personality. There are no rules when it comes to matching one with you suit; however our advice is as follows:

Watch Advice when Wearing a Suit

  • Choose a classic minimalist face; something either with a brown or black strap; either in leather.
  • Don't go over the top with a bulky watch face. Unless you have something that can be considered a thick wrist then try to stick to wearing a watch that is less than 44mm in diameter (face) with a deep case. A suit is about clean smooth line. A bulky watch is almost certain to break this lines. 
  • Avoid classic sports watch with metal straps or wooden strapped watches. These are more for casual events.
  • A watch is a statement of its owner; so try to match a watch to your personality. It should say something about it's owner and your overall style. If you are a class person then go for any antique style watch, if you like a touch of fear then go for something that has a punchy accent with the hands.
  • Pocket watch: this is for the more eccentric amongst us. If you decide to wear one, then it should be in the waistcoat pocket; with the dangling fob similar to a lady's charm bracelet. The Single Albert is the traditional style of chain while a second length T-bar t another fob in the opposite waistcoat pocket forms a resplendent Double Albert. If you choose to not wear a waistcoat then fasten the T-bar to your lapel and place the watch in your breast pocket.

Umbrella with a Wooden Handle

For something rather more functional in the modern age, try an umbrella. The Fox frame is the patented and best model that won’t let you down like a small-packing version. Although not directly a suit accessory, a well suited man in the cooler months with a quality umbrella is making a satorial statement all of his own.

Our personal favourite is to go for a two tone colour, ideally with a classic houndstooth or herringbone pattern such as the below.

Final Thoughts

A well-tailored suit will always look sharp, but what really takes it up a level is how you choose your accessories so you look like you are styled from the pages of GQ. The main things to keep in mind are complementing primary and secondary colours through your suit and accessories rather than directly matching. 
Also, keep an eye on texture matching. In our opinion, a highly textured suit jacket, such as a heavy wool does not work with a shiny silk tie or pocket square. You don't have to match textures directly, but keep them within a few levels of each other.  

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