Suit Accessories, why have them?

Picture the scene (i'll wait)... You are dressed in your well-cut trousers with your shirt tucked in, and then you put on your suit jacket. You look in the mirror and think 'dam I look sharp' – but wait... how can i improve on the dapperness scale? You just feel like you're missing that finishing touch to really hit the heights of being the undisputed king of dapper town.

You check yourself a second time to see if your shirt could be improved, but alas it's already perfect. You're truly stumped. You go back to the mirror and take a closer look... suddenly a painful realisation kicks in (you know, the kind when you realise someones just ate the last slice of your birthday cake)... you're missing that all important show stopper of an accessory.

Unfortunately, this scenario has happened to so many people I've even considered setting up an 24/7 helpline to calm people's nerves. Now don't get me wrong, even though some accessories cannot be worn alone and are often considered an afterthought once you've purchased a suit, they can influence the way your outfit looks in astronomical ways and take you from zero to hero within the fashion realm of dapper town.

Heck, i can confidently say that suit accessories are the blood and soul of dapper town; and without them well... you just ain't all that Dave (you know who you are). Suit accessories arose in the 18th century when George Bryan Brummell (the so-called founding father of suits) started to accessorise his suits with... you guessed it, neckties. These simple, but elegant accessories revolutionised the way suits looked. Nowadays they're frequently used to give the illusion that one is wearing a different suit each day; just by owning various neckties (clever, i know).

Now this isn't a history lesson, but if you take a walk down memory lane, you'll see the efficacy of suit accessories making an average suit look... well, out of this world! From the flora and silk ties of the cowboys to the gold tie clips of the old English men, neckties have been the one thing that can make you stand out in a crowd; especially if you work a loathsome 9 to 5.

These days, suit accessories have become even more versatile and extend beyond that of a necktie. Belts, watches, bow ties, pocket squares... you name it, all of them can make you become the king of the office or king of the prom... they're truly a must-have in this modern age.


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