The Bad, The Ugly and The Rest...

Pocket Squares

Theres no excuse... if you have a tie (neck or bow) you must have a pocket square, its the law (ok, not quite). But without it, your suit is only ever going to be a 9/10... and we all want that 10/10 to really stick it to Dave right? Not to mention impress Bianca at the office (wink wink). Now traditionally (i know, history meh), gentlemen would keep a handkerchief in the front pocket of their suit. This gem of an accessory would come in handy (pardon the pun) when tending to the endless needs of their female acquaintances. 

Luckily, pocket squares have become more of an accessory as opposed to an item with a purpose. They come in extravagant designs, styles and colours - so if I'm honest, you don't really have an excuse not to have one. Now as a personal preference, i prefer to have my pocket square match my tie; this isn't to say you can't mix and match your ties and pocket squares... just remember the cardinal rule - never (and i mean never) wear colours that contradict the colour of your shirt or undermine your suit - its just a no go, and it will result in Dave being top dog and Bianca avoiding you for years to come.

Pocket squares can also be styled into different shapes, the more extravagant you want to be, the more difficult the shape you'll have. Now, this can be quite complicated (trust me, i have tried and failed numerous time), but if you're patient you'll eventually get that perfect shape and be laughing at Dave in no time. 



Now, depending on your shirt you may have an option to have these beauties. If you do, get them. Don't go for those awful, plastic ones the shirt comes with - I don't want to call the fashion police. A true dapper king would get these to enhance his reputation as the undisputed king of dapper town. I mean, lets face it... almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry can put a suit on (picture the job centre on a Monday morning); but only the brave, the bold and the almighty can enhance their look with cufflinks. Unfortunately, these badboys are usually an afterthought (understandable as not every shirt has the option for you to wear them). 

Lets not forget, they actually have a practically purpose. Apart from making you look like the next top model, they hold your cuffs together (ok, pretty boring i know)... but they're pretty fashionable and effective at making your suit look elegant. Like the other accessories I've 'blogged' about, they can come in various styles, colours and materials. Personally, i like to have all my accessories match... but this is my preference.


Tie Clips

We've all seen that superhero clip... you know the one where they have a cape on, fly in front of an aeroplane engine and bam... you know what i mean? Well, wearing a necktie without a tie clip can cause even more horrors than that. You'd look like a deranged superhero, scurrying around the office with it all just hanging out (tie). You need to pin that badboy down with a tie clip! Obvious right? Wrong! A recent study shown that only 1 in 10 tie owners own a tie clip... shocking i know (ok that may not be true... but still).

Like their close relative the cuff link, they serve a practical purpose, but can also make you look like you know what you're doing when wearing a tie. All great tie sets come with a tie clip, so make use of it and wear it! Don't be that guy... you know the one i mean.


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