What Tie Should I Choose?

Since its origins to present day; the tie has been a very important decorative accessory for a man’s outfit. Most office or business attires look incomplete without the tie. This accessory can easily integrate into different outfits and can be the element that makes the outfit shine. It is also the tie that can bring a little bit of colour when it comes to business attire, a field with plenty of restrictions. This is the reason why it is essential to know what tie to choose; depending on the suit you wear.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can lay the foundation of a correct choice:


Ties for the navy suit

It is without question that the navy suit is one of the most versatile and elegant suits that you can wear in pretty much any situation. In the last few years, the navy suit has become the the goto evening attire for some of the most important events in the world. They talk of style and elegance without being too formal; unlike the traditional black suit. Depending on the context, the right tie for the navy suit can be either a solid colour, elegant tie if you are attending an evening event or a patterned tie if you need it for business attire (Paisley, Chequered, Polka Dots and even micro Gingham). When it comes to the right colour for the tie, you can choose from Bordeaux, Mustard Yellow, shades Grey, and even Navy. If your shirt is white, you can never go wrong with any of these colours.


Ties for the grey suit

When choosing the right tie for the grey suit, you need to consider how dark the shade of the suit is. Dark grey suits require a tie that is also darker in the shade such as Burgundy, Navy or Deep Purple; while lighter grey suits are more versatile and allow a wider colour range that matches well. If you are wearing a grey suit with a white shirt, you can choose literally any kind of tie, and it will look good; as long it is a good quality tie.


Ties for the black suit

The black suit is omnipresent at all important events and, most of the times, it is worn with a white shirt. So, what would be the right tie for this attire? A grey tie is a great choice, and it will look elegant and dashing. To add a bit of colour to the monochromatic attire, you can also choose a silk tie in bright colours, and this will completely change the outfit. The chequered tie is never out of fashion, especially when it comes to the black suit. Once again, make sure to choose quality fabrics; such as silk or wool.


The tie represents one of the essential accessories for men. A formal or business attire almost always requires a quality tie for an outstanding appearance. Knowing what tie to choose depending on the suit will help you create stunning outfits without any efforts.

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